Muriel Kuoppala

Muriel Kuoppala (b. 1981, Zurich) is a visual artist currently
residing Helsinki, Finland. She received her MFAs
in the Painting Department of the Finninsh Academy of Fine Arts in 2010.
In her solo practise Muriel works in the field of painting. Since 2009 she
has been working in collaboration with visual artist Karri Kuoppala as KARIEL .
In the duo project they work with installation, sculpture, painting and moving image.
She is a founding member of SIC Gallery in Helsinki


Muriel Kuoppala has exhibited at Malmö Kunsthalle (2013),
Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland (2013), Galerie Anhava, Helsinki (2013),
Kiasma Museum of contemporary art, Helsinki (2012) and SIC gallery, Helsinki (2012).


In her paintings, Lässer connects to the tradition of spiritualist art,
which informed many of the big modernist artists of the early 20th century.
She uses symbols of time and transformation, such as crystals and swirling
bodies of colour, to produce vistas to other worlds, or to places that may exist
between dimensions. Apart from working in continuation of the hippie generation’s
appetite for all things occult and supernatural, the cosmic narratives of Lässer’s
paintings also connect to a relatively unknown history of women’s art.
The Swedish painter Hilma af Klint (1862-1944), for example, allegedly took
dictate from the spirit world to produce a strange type of abstraction that
was close to her contemporanies Malevich and Mondrian – even if she always worked in isolation.

Lars Bang Larsen, 2008


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